5 Best Things


5 Best Things aims to be "the best list site on the internet." They publish clickbait-y articles in a wide variety of topics. Their focus is on product reviews and list articles containing 5 items.

Editorial Needs

They publish list articles that typically review products. Most articles are at least 1,200 words.

Payment Information

Payment Information, According to Our Best Research (May Change, or Be Innaccurate)

They pay $15-$120 for list articles, depending on the category

According to our best research, the maximum they will pay is $120.

Payment Reports

Year Pay (US $) Words Payment Speed Payment Difficulty Research & Reporting Publication Type Comments
2016 $0.00/word.
$0 total
4500 words Not yet paid. Probably won't get paid. Moderate  
"I love the newsletter guys ,but these guys are. Bad batch becaus they aren't even following their own offers. I expect nominal fee of $35 for each of 4 - articles which were about Trump, his wife, relationships and inner beauty. When I asked for my money "
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Contact & Submission Information

Their official website

To learn more, read their submission guidelines