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History Magazine provides “interesting and thought-provoking accounts of key events in global history.” They are focused on publishing accessible, entertaining, accounts of history.

Editorial Needs

According to their guidelines:

“History Magazine strives to feature articles that are interesting rather than academic. We prefer that our articles be wrapped around a particular phenomenon, achievement or occasion, rather than around a profile of a “great man” most closely associated with the subject: we’d rather carry an article titled “Early Telephones” than an article titled “Alexander Graham Bell”. We like it when people take some item or custom that’s now a part of our lives and tell the story of how it came to be that way. We’re interested in answering the question “How did we get here?”, here being North America at the beginning of the 21st century. These articles are roughly chronological and do not employ first-person narrative. “

They prefer queries before submitting any completed articles.

Payment Information

Payment Information, According to Our Best Research (May Change, or Be Innaccurate)

  • They pay 8 cents per word, up to 2,500 words.
  • They also pay $7 for each photo or image.
  • They sometimes pay for "extra research or special projects."

According to our best research, the maximum they will pay is $200.

Payment Reports

Year Pay (US $) Words Payment Speed Payment Difficulty Research & Reporting Publication Type Comments
2016 $0.10/word.
$205 total
2100 words One to 3 Months Effortless Paymnt Moderate    
"Ed is very easy to work with at History Magazine. He always emails me back with issues in a timely manner, and is as professional as it gets when dealing with people. I was paid for my article when he said I would be, so he's most accountable as well. "
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