High Times


High Times publishes articles about marijuana cultuvation and counterculture lifestyle. They have a special interest in marijuana legalization. They publish both in print and on their website.

Editorial Needs

According to their website:

HIGH TIMES accepts articles, photos and illustrations from non-staff writers, photographers and illustrators. HIGH TIMES primarily focuses on marijuana cultivation and counterculture lifestyle. We also publish articles on travel, entertainment and psychedelics.

Departments include:

  • Features
  • HighWitness News
  • Grow

They also pay for photos and illustrations.

Payment Information

Payment Information, According to Our Best Research (May Change, or Be Innaccurate)

Query first, otherwise they may not pay.

They pay $500-$1,000 for features.

They pay a 20% kill fee for assigned articles only.

According to our best research, the maximum they will pay is $1000.

Payment Reports

Year Pay (US $) Words Payment Speed Payment Difficulty Research & Reporting Publication Type Comments
2018 $0 total 0 words Not yet paid. Moderate  
"I must warn everybody not to write for High Times. I responded to a request for proposals; gota postiive respsone asking for details. I provided them. They the editor proceded to give the story to one of his own writers and stiff me. The only response I g"
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Contact & Submission Information

Their official website

To learn more, read their submission guidelines